Black Girls With Short Hair

If you do not know who Amber Rose is, let me give you the most biased and unofficial introduction: her tongue got paparazzied while being engulfed by Kanye West’s mouth and the shape of her head is reminiscent of a pear. She has the body of a house many men and women would not mind sleeping in for one night. I liked her. For a few hours. Until I YouTubed an interview of her on the Wendy Williams’ show, in which she proclaimed to be the only girl who is more appealing with no hair.

Yes, Amber can rock a buzz cut better than most U.S. soldiers. But she is not the only one.

Perhaps if these women stick their tongue in Kanye’s ear, they too will become famous and make Wendy Williams flip her wig into a natural.


6 thoughts on “Black Girls With Short Hair

  1. Great post! It always amaze me how people can take time to write them. But to be honest maybe you should change the color of the texts? Sorry if I am being rude, just trying to help. Kind regards, Sophia

  2. You took it out of context. She said that “[she’s] the only girl in the world who looks better bald-headed” on the subject of putting wigs on every now and then because she gets bored with her short haircut. She was just making fun of herself, saying that she looks better with no hair than with… Nothing to do with comparison of other women. It’s not that difficult to understand.

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