Poly-Amore…Lovin’ Outside of the Box

On Valentine’s Day, I was not gifted with a heart-shaped anything. I did not indulge in the national ritual of human spit swapping and teddy bear cuddling. Instead, I waited four days to fondle the minds of many.

I hosted a panel discussion on polyamory as it relates to people of color (sidebar: one day I truly hope we can condense “people of color” to something that sounds more like “crayon”)

Let’s see: I hosted a panel discussion on polyamory as it relates to crayons. Eh…

On this night, Joyce Gordon’s self-entitled gallery was stuffed with an array of sexualities and gender preferences, as well as very articulate hairstyles.

The panel featured Mahasin Munir, Dazie Grego, Selam Mekonen, Sonya Brewer and Richard Wright, the founder of POLY/POC and the organizer of the panel. I did my best to ask questions that would better help the audience understand the mechanics behind polyamorous relationships.

We explored common misconceptions: one being that people who practice polyamory (commonly referred to as “open relationships”) do so as a means to excuse sexual deviance.

Whatever that means. Mahasin quickly retorted by stating how she’s known “people who have been in polyamorous relationships and haven’t slept with anyone but their partner. So, that [myth] can go down the toilet.”

We also delved into ways in which being in more than one intimate relationship simultaneously can stretch a human beyond their limits—allowing them to increase their capacity to tolerate and converse with their own fears of abandonment and jealousy.

Is polyamory an excuse to get your cake and eat it too? Does it lead to a fuller stomach or stomach-ache?

To hear more of what the panelists had to say, check out the first half of the discussion here. When you’re done, breathe. Then call up a boo-thang and make out in an unusual way. If you have not a boo-thang, fondle yourself. After that, check out the second half of the panel. Conclude with a review ‘pon de blog. Click “submit” and massage my mind.


5 thoughts on “Poly-Amore…Lovin’ Outside of the Box

  1. Everybody has a Choice. Whether it be lust or feelings of two Ladies. However, i believe every man has ideal image of just Loving one.

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