Black Men Are More Than Just A XXL White-Tee…

I prefer to keep the company of a vintage human. You know, someone with a bit of experience behind their teeth; the opposite of a sharp biting youth with dull shoulder blades to match. Skip past analogies and fast forward into the yolk of this post: quite a few men my age, and younger, dress in ways that make me want to Holy Ghost all over this blog and down the coast to my grannie’s house for a proper prayer of forgiveness. What makes matters even more complex (or not), is for every young man I see wearing clothes that fit, there are several more broadcast on major media outlets doused in oversized everything. Accompanied by even larger womanly body parts.

Fortunately, we have the vision of Shantrelle P. Lewis, curator for the exhibit ‘Dandy Lion: Articulating a Re(de)fined Black Masculine Identity.’ This exhibit explores how Black male identity is literally being refashioned. I suggest you check out the link and peep when the exhibit makes its way near your city and/or town.

The bearded men from Street Etiquette and Brooklyn Circus have repurposed so many mundane items, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw one of these gentlemen wearing a doily on their head in place of a snap back. They are for certain, the genre of man capable of redefining what it means to lace us with game.

Back to Lewis. She has yet to make mention of an Oakland interlude during the Dandy-Lion’s tour. I smh’d for an entire day, until I noticed one of Oakland’s own stark Dandy-Lions on Broadway and 14th.

For a 22year old young man, with a name to match his bow-tie, Bartholomew has stepped up Oakland’s swag factor by more than just a few bars.

He can out-dress men and women twice his age and left me in my spandex and Target socks feeling like an elementary school reject. Back to the drawing board I go.

Here’s to Oakland’s young who occupy 14th street and broad taste.

Ps. This man can sing. Be sure to tune into The Parked Car this Thursday 5-6 pm PST for a formal introduction. Fierce button.


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