Artist Spotlight: Jean Grae “You & Me & Everyone We Know”

I’ve been sitting in my swivel chair for the past two and one half hours figuring out how to follow-up a blog post featuring the music of someone as coiled-and sometimes flat-ironed follicled as Gwen Bunn. Her music is so intriguing that I have been compelled to repost Sunday’s blog three days after Sunday. If music were currency, this woman’s voice would be rich enough to feed a very small to medium-sized island.

While searching for something to rearrange my interests and inspire a new blog post, I stumbled upon Jean Grae’s new single off of her upcoming album “Cake or Death”. Is the title suggesting that this album eulogizes all women who have died from faulty butt implants? Probably not, but that would be interesting.

The track is titled “U & Me and Everyone We Know”. I presume the title is loosely based on the uncanny movie of the same name, directed by Miranda July.

Musically, this rocks my boat. Lyrically, it is a lament and may be the best soundtrack to friendships that are perpetually under construction.

“I still adore you, but you adore me theoretically”. Whoa.

Listen. Appreciate. Feed me back.


3 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Jean Grae “You & Me & Everyone We Know”

  1. Wow, that is weird spam ^

    I heard Jean Grae on another track recently, she was the feature, and her verse was amazing. I kept playing the track over and over. Will listen to this when I’m on a computer with better speakers 😛

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