Artist Spotlight: Gwen Bunn

Nothing matches an undercooked bowl of oatmeal on a rainy morning than a nice glass of unfamiliar juice and alternative media that doesn’t cast Black men as eager consumers of Wal-Mart street booty.

Girl, catch ya breath.

This morning my oats and I watched instead, joshua bee alafia’s fourth episode of “Staying Together”–a web series that explores questions Black men and women have around relationships and intimacy. Each episode is closed David Chapelle style with a featured vocalist performing an original song around the theme of couples staying together. Musically, the fourth episode is my favorite. I was introduced to Lotus Love, two women who sound like oatmeal.

A very well-cooked bowl of oatmeal.

I have yet to come across a duo like this since Musiq Soulchild’s “Settle for Your Love” ft. Aaries.

I jumped into a quest for more music from these women. After watching their first and only video on their YouTube page, my flight fell short, and I landed upon the likes of Gwen Bunn.

This young woman immediately made a fan out of my disdain with contemporary R&B artists. Particularly the ones with ovaries. Gwen Bunn, 20 years old, hails from Berklee College of Music. Not only can the woman sang, she writes and produces. For all of those who have issues trusting the opinions of bloggers, here is a quick fact for you: Ryan Leslie shopped her a beat. An excellent songwriter in his own right, surpassing warm-oatmeal status, Leslie’s got to see something in this cropped Afro of a singer. I’m pretty certain if her lips were brushes, she’d give Basquiat something to run tell dat.

I’ve listened to her EP “The Verdict” over three times, with minor snack-breaks between. My favorite tracks are “A Baby”, “Right Now” and “Let Me”. However, I vouch for the first seven songs on her EP including a separate track titled “Do It For Me” which can be found here.

Enough of my flaccid review, here she is:




6 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Gwen Bunn

  1. Thanks much for passing this artist along. “Let Me” is really great.

    Keep sharing the music, especially that of lesser-known artists!

    Sorry for the late feedback, but I work slow. This is a virtue for some things but blog commenting is not one of them.

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