Short Post: I’m a Hater.

Once every forty to fifty-eight days, I become an avid hater of all things beautiful. Today is one of those days. Thanks to Facebook, I just might go to bed with even more of a bitter heart than I originally planned.

Contrary to what a virtual yogi may suggest, online status updates and photo albums depicting seemingly flawless lives of “friends” do not inspire me as often as they may intend. On some nights, like this one, I go into compare mode and contrast my reality to static images. This can’t be a good thing.

Facebook has a way of reminding me that I have baggage. I swore when I first picked up my tote, it was barely big enough to carry a frail looking dog.  After a few failed relationships, my baggage has enough capacity to fit a nomadic tribe of twelve. It has become not only a burden, but the bearer of spears, occasionally shot at love infused status updates. And teenagers who relentlessly hold hands. In public. As they upload photos of clammy palms onto their profile pages.

Perhaps, I need to take my co-worker’s advice and begin a daily regimen of taking multi-vitamins. I heard nutrients increase one’s energy, thus boosting overall cheer. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am going to tuck my bags under my bed and prepare for work. I have two and three-quarters of an article left to read by tomorrow’s a.m. #notgoingtohappen.

…and since I am a single woman working on being more committed to things I want to be more committed to, I decided to at least show my blog some love. Thanks for bearing with me.


The Grinch Who Stole Beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Short Post: I’m a Hater.

  1. Facebook breeds narcissism…With that being said, You are beautiful and you look beautiful in all your pictures. People might feel about you the way you feel about them; and hater-ade becomes cyclical. Is it possible to-push pass the hate? -to love instead?

  2. Hey Elit,

    Thanks for the feedback as well as the compliments. It is definitely possible to push pass the hate. I do on many occasions, after (emphasis on after) I recognize that I am hating…or else, how would I know exactly what I am pushing through? Kind of like moving through a house. By knowing where I stand, I can better navigate my way to next room.

    • Thank you for reading. Keep coming back. Just posted a review of an artist that has me turning inside out. Hopefully you’ll like her enough to pop her in your ipod (or other relevant music listening device).

  3. I recently went to want of my good friends weddings and enjoyed their love for one another. During the reception I sitting at a table with family and friends, but the only one with out a date. I was starting to feel sad for myself and thought through all my lost loves and “coulda beens” if I only had the courage to step to some of my crushes when the best man got up and spoke about love and how u have to find somebody that is intellectual equal, and that spoke lyrics to me.

    I am sharing it with you Talia because it might speak to you too. Your funks shouldn’t be so long hating beautiful things and dwell on your baggage Lady. Put those bags in storage and smile. Keep searching and keep loving.

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