Finding Rhythm Between These Sheets….

For anyone who’s been keeping abreast of this year’s blog posts, bear with me. I am trying to find a convenient rhythm and diversify my content so that it is not so monochromatic. (I.e. all about after-hours knee-knocking and stomach slapping).

My goal is to blog. One day at a time. Mostly about things that put a snuggie on my heart. However, it is past my bedtime and I have yet to brush my teeth. So today, I decided to keep this post short, and hit you with some grown up, semi-but-not-really-politicized art from a dater’s perspective.

Wait…this contradicts what I just said.

…and so it is. I am a human who retracts statements in less than two paragraphs and not-so-loosely titles her posts after sexual innuendos. Cue the Marvin Gaye and Lil’ Kim. As soon as I put on my grown woman drawers, I will re-post the photo and fully expose its text. Until then, I am going to zip myself up in a onesie and call it a night. Enjoy!


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