Even Google is Having a Hard Time Finding Her

…so there are many things my hair tells me to say. Most of which, I keep locked inside of my follicles (literally). Yet, there are still some things that I just can’t help but to let slide between my teeth. I’ve learned a long time ago that biting my tongue hurts and causes a speech impediment. I’m in no mood to speak in blisters. I want to celebrate what I have to say by throwing a party in my mouth.


That analogy went terribly wrong.


For a while, my hair has told me to do something different. Three years ago I respected its wishes, shaved off half of my crop and am currently enjoying an interesting tuft of hair that strokes the middle of my head.

….my hair has been incessantly gossiping since the first chop, and after a few rounds of ‘girl quit playin’, I think I am ready to finally face the rumors it’s been using to grease my scalp.



I have had more than a few lingering doubts about how I would be perceived with hair short enough to lick my skull. But the more I see women rocking the baldy, the more I become able to hear excerpts of the truth.

I found Maty Sall–who was a Fine Arts major at  the Fashion Institute of  Technology in New York– on Tony Clomax’s “12 Steps to Recovery” sixth webisode. This woman is fierce. I am not sure if it is the way her French accent sounds like a noiseless heater that has me infatuated with her aesthetic, or that she has no hook in the back of her head. Whatever the case, I am in love with this woman’s hairline and hope that the next time I google her, I’ll find more than just two stranded photos.



5 thoughts on “Even Google is Having a Hard Time Finding Her

  1. After wearing a bald cap to be Amber Rose on Halloween, I decided I def will go *that* low this summer. Join me. It’s nice on this side. The less hair on my head, the more feminine I feel. Always.

    • When my senses come across something they like, I tend to get a bit obsessive. Wait.

      In any case, I appreciate Maty’s aesthetics and really wanted to get to know more about her. I assumed the internets would be swamped with images and/or information pertaining to her as an artist. Ten minutes of searching proved me wrong….and ten minutes in internet time, is the equivalent of being on hold for thirty seconds.

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