Things I Like About Men (part deux)

I’ve been giving my blog as much attention as I have been giving to my sex life.

And if you’ve been keeping up with all the nothing that has been happening in these ends, then you should know where I’m headed with this analogy….

so, uh…

Life has been great. But you know what could make it better? A cute guy in a uniform.

There is something striking about a postal worker, carrying a sack full of letters, credit card statements and overdue library book notices that makes me want to twirl. Maybe the fact that he has a job is in itself enough for me to take a second look. It could also be the fact that he’s wearing a shirt whose sleeves just so happen to stop short of his triceps. Or it could be that he obviously doesn’t mind walking, which means that he’s in some sort of shape. Which means, that if I ever were to see him with his shirt off, I wouldn’t be accidentally slapped in the eye by a sagging man boob. Points for postal workers and UPS/FED EX men throughout the entire world.

…Or what about firemen? After all, they have opted to dedicate the rest of their lives to rescuing kittens and elderly women who forget their ways back home. How much bigger of a heart can one have? In third grade, I took a field trip to the local fire station. During one segment of our excursion, we were able to try on the standard uniform. I almost collapsed under the weight of the jacket. Just the jacket. But when my neighbor’s apartment caught fire a few years ago, the firemen who attended the scene had a way of making everything about their job look attractive. Even their oversized fire-retardant jackets. I was so enthralled that I almost asked them to inspect my room to make sure my bed was fireproof. Almost.

…And don’t get me started on construction workers. Their hard hats alone are signifiers of all things hardworking and strong-smelling. Then there are the highlighter orange vests that accent their importance to the cities we live in. Which, theoretically, is justified. If you think about it, construction workers are responsible for every building constructed throughout history. Without them Jesus wouldn’t have had a job. Ultimately, the world we live in would look more like the Book of Eli and less like a Starbucks fairy land whose free wi-fi is my excuse to “write”.  Extra credit points to the person who brings me the name of the world’s first construction worker.

…And librarians. Well, they don’t have an official uniform. But the fact that they don’t mind being surrounded by books for the majority of their day is pretty unusual. And unusual is attractive. Very.

…Footlocker employees, fast food cashier-cooks, and people who work at Pet Smart are all equally as attractive in their uniforms. Deserving of exactly two sentences.

Gals and guys, it is your turn to inform me. Let me know what professions whose dress codes make you want to skip your lunch, and have a quick meet and greet in the janitorial closet.


11 thoughts on “Things I Like About Men (part deux)

  1. You are the 3000 of blogging. Live for your words so much; would die of longing as your pen pal… but Loved royally nonetheless.
    My forearm fetish had brought me to swooning embraces with Port of Oakland and PG&E employees more than a few times. Basically, if your shoulders say, “I used to play football,” and your shirt has a dental benefit plan implication, I’m kinda like hella on your line.

  2. A man in uniform has to follow orders from a man who does not have to wear a uniform. Your call. Some of us go to school (or whatever the path) so that we can wear what we choose.

    • True. Yet, were it not for the uniformed men, the ones free from obligatory work clothes would have no arms to uphold their infrastructure and fill pocketbooks. Nonetheless, I will keep in mind that bosses need love too. Shout out to Rick Ross.

  3. Red shirts and khakis…..not the most seductive of uniforms but none the less theres something modestly appealing and menially sexy about target employees. Yea I said it and no I don’t try to holler at them but I do find myself thinking a little bit extra about them. Maybe the humility is attractive or the color red or the fact they all have to wear it so they all kinda look alike but their individuality comes thru. So no it’s not like a fireman that serves.a noble purpose….its just interest about someone doing a routine job but bringing their own flare to it.

  4. Research should be taken before accusations are thrown. For example, I will speak on firefighters they live in school pre saving elderly people and rescuing cats from trees. They go through fire science and technology classes, as well as emergency medical technician classes. The dudes that want to take it one step past the requirements go to paramedic school, you know, to learn how to administer medicinal drugs and start IVs, and intubate, the easy stuff. Then they just might get the chance to rock that Class B uniforms and turnouts while riding that red fire truck and ring that bell. The kicker is the captains and even chiefs where those same uniforms, Crazy! To each his/her own opinion but some people work hard to where them uniforms proud. I am sure they appreciate the looks from y’all ladies though. Now don’t get me wrong God, I am not trying to get into a internet word war with nobody, just trying to speak the real.

    Mines is not a specific profession, it is more universal but here it goes. Ladies that can wear a suit and just look fly. To the lawyer ladies and the bank tellers, from the doctors to just the professional woman. I appreciate you. Clap clap

  5. as always, I heart your thought provoking words, admire your courage to open up and post your thoughts for all to see and even criticize and you keep on writing. You encourage me, keep yourself open, I’m enjoying it.


  6. Love the blog. Currently dating a postal worker and being in shape definitely comes with the job. I feel so bad for him when it rains though.
    Dated a fireman once upon a time and the one time I stopped by the fire house for a quick cupcaking session, I swooned super hard when I saw him in his uniform. Sexy is an understatement.
    Even though they dont wear uniforms, I love me a poet/writer. There is something about a man who has a way with words…

    • I dated a poet-thing once upon a day, and let me tell is nice for a man to have a way with words. It is even better when the woman has a sense of direction.

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