Why I Hate Love Songs

My first impression of love songs was not a good one. Especially if it meant, I was supposed to walk around with an air-conditioned crotch.

I remember when Maxwell first came out. The ladies could not get enough of throwing their panties on stage. Personally, my idea of a good love song is not one that will make me want to throw my panties at some singing stranger in hopes to dry hump him in front of a live audience. Now, if somewhere in his routine, the singing stranger says my name followed by “I will buy you the entire Victoria Secret catalogue,” then I’ll consider slingshotting some lace.

I am not entirely against all things sexy and Maxwell. However, I am for all things that enjoy me just as much, with my panties on.

Enter Jazzanova.

Unlike most contemporary, cookie-cutter love songs, Jazzanova invokes the joy that is already present. They create music to remind me of who I am, as opposed to inducing a longing for who I want to be with. Their songs urge me to fearlessly and purposefully walk in love and not aimlessly fall into it. In short, Jazzanova is one of the most magical collectives of musicians and DJs that I know of.

They are based in Berlin, Germany, and although their website is in a language I have yet to understand, their music is easily translatable.

And what I like most about Jazzonva is that even if I offered to throw all of my underwear at them, they would politely ask me not to. Instead, they would invite me out for cupcakes. Or at least, that is the fantasy.

I could care less about some well toned, extra fine, taller than me guy, crooning about making cinnamon flavored sex to me all night long…with candles, incense and potpourri burning in the background.

Okay, I lied a little. I do care about the cinnamon.

“L.O.V.E. and You and I” scooped me up from many a low point. I hope that it can at least bring a smile to your face and at most, re-introduce you to all that you are.

And here is it’s remix. One of many.

As soon as I return to my computer, I will upload the last two songs for you to download. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Love Songs

  1. Whatever love is. Safe to say being explicit Leads to even more explicity. Probably not a word but u get it. Jodeci seemed to push the limit where new edition dared not tread. I think all genres have a way of winding their way into appreciative listeners ears. The sappy untrue love songs that are written a dime a dozen and sent off to star performers creates reason to ignore most of it. A genuine song written from the heart on the other hand can inspire sentiments to blossom and encourage a new love to grow. I never cared for the porn industry inspired pop music but i see the crowd it appeals to.
    I for one listen to max b who is very vulgar but maintains a consistent theme that doesn’t change to suit marketing strategies.  Did u know ‘i wanna sex u up’ by color me bad was a single that was ritualized at the record label,and dedicated to the advent of girls losing their virginity to it? A member of the group got freaked out by the ‘evils’ of the game and exposed what goes on behind some major platinum songs.regardless of if rituals like this work its for the alert individual to realize when they are being manipulated. Im a fan of bilal sometimes. Kem is cool. Maybe its about artists that write their own songs or take their time to find songs that align with themselves.   The mass media sexual overdrive makes sex really plastic and ‘kat stacks’ aka wack.The heights of debauchery precede a fall into depravity and its evidenced by ignorance. By no means am i more sanctified or clean because of recognizing this.i feel we’re all in it together
    And when brian pumper is given avenue into the hip hop world simply because he’s a passing sensation with no regard for the artform- that’s when the cultural value begins to decline into a pop culture hodgepodge…and a rebirth is around the corner. Im a victim and contributor to the way hip hop and music is today,firstly by being a consumer and compliant listener on occasion. We’re all built different,ssome things will tickle us others will bother us. There’s no board of elders over the affairs of hiphop due to the all pervasive ego maschismo braggadocio of emcee/black artists who are no longer disenfranchised.  they actually feel entitled to do whatever say whatever they please and if no one buys it they make no money at all. Right or wrong tho…there will always be sappy love songs so long as the illusive ideal of fairy tale love exists in this world. A dream is wonderful even more so when it can be actualized.i wish love songs were real to reality.im sure very few men and women would be running into it so haphazardly if it were.i think they’d be more apt to say….how bout we just chill

  2. I did not get to hear the original track of “L.O.V.E and You and I”, but was able to listen to the beautiful melody of the remix and I have to say it was soothing to my heart. It was like a rhythmic tantra of horns and drums with an accent of voice.

    Makes you want to sit under a tree with your “Love” and drink lemonade enjoying each others company. Thank you for sharing.

    If you don’t mind Ms. Taylor I would like to share my music findings as well. I wont be as long winded as usual I just wanted to put a song out there that you and others might like; it is not of this generation, but beautiful none the less. It is called ‘Natural’ by Arrested Development. I am sure you heard of them just wish they would not have fell victim to what they preached and sang about, but i digress… beautiful song.

    It tells a story of true feelings and wanting to be involved in someone not for there looks or mere outward beauty, but of the shine people miss day in day out that is deeper than skin and bone structure.

    Check it it out if you haven’t heard

  3. sweetness, this post. and Jazzanova is dope, and does evoke this sense of freedom… and allowing oneself to experience that is indeed an act of self-love.

    it has been said that we need to be hearing more love songs and less sex songs…

  4. “They create music to remind me of who I am, as opposed to inducing a longing for who I want to be with. Their songs urge me to fearlessly and purposefully walk in love and not aimlessly fall into it.”

    Wow, how valuable is that? So looking forward to checking out Jazzanova for myself. Thanks for sharing!

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