Crush on Me

Few things other than bearded men, possess the ability to make me smile.

The first would be cupcakes. As long as there is no coconut or exotic sounding nuts involved, I will indulge.

The second is a good song.

You know, the kind of song that gives you a crush on yourself.

Fortunately for our generation, and for me in particular, we have had the honor of living amongst a composer of said songs. Jay Dee, also referred to as “Dilla” and “Ummah” has created many a brilliant song. On many occasions, Dilla has made my ears quiver; from A Tribe Called Quest’s, “Once Again” and Busta Rhymes’ “Whoo Ha!!” to Slum Village’s, “Climax” and Common’s “Come Close“.

Dilla is most likely known for his pop hit “Tainted” with rap group Slum Village. If you thought that was a good song, then you would enjoy Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s rendition of “Untitled”*. After a few ferocious strokes of the hand, and snare infused head nods, there is little room to doubt that Ferguson was possessed by the spirit of Dilla.

As for me, I cease to be in awe of music and it’s ability to dialogue with my secrets. Whenever I come across a video like this, I remember who I am, and fall in love with forgetting who I ought to be. Dilla is adhering  to my wounds and I couldn’t ask for any better bandage.

If the Suite for Ma Dukes orchestra were a cupcake, I wonder if they would taste as good as they sound.

To find out, go to youtube to watch more of their  videos .

*This link is a remix to the remix. Composed/Re.mixed by Georgia Anne Muldrow. Courtesy of FroLab.


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