On the Double Meaning of Words and Why My Generation is Headed for Disaster


People who were in middle school when stretch pants were worn for workout purposes only….

….what you are about to read has been carefully constructed especially for you…

If you haven’t noticed, the lexicon of courtship is changing and at a unsual pace might I add.

Wait, did I just say ‘courtship’? Silly me, no one says that anymore.

So, in the spirit of keeping it present tense, let me introduce to you the

Let Me Holla at You for a Second

Pop Quiz 

Instructions: Be sure to guess before looking at the answer (it’s more fun that way). Also, all participants must keep it one hundred at all times. Bruh.

1) A boo thang is:

a) a boyfriend/girlfriend

b) a close relative

c) a frisbee

d) a man/woman who you are kind of dating, but not really

The answer is (d). Boo-thangs are typically someone of the opposite, or same-sex (depending on how and where you like to be licked). Engaging in a boo-thang type of relationship comes with its limitations and stipulations. I.e. boo thangs are not to be called, only texted, and preferably after the sun sets.

2) When a male/female says, “we should hang out sometime”, this generally means:

a) let’s do something outdoors-esque like go to a movie, ice cream parlor, or bookstore

b) let’s get naked and do cartwheels in the living room

c) let’s not hang out but pretend like we will at some point

d) let’s stay in and have rough animal sex

Now, this is a tricky one. Most of you have probably guessed (d). Sorry, but the correct answer is (a). The keyword  is “OUT”.

3) “Do you have feelings for me” typically means:

    a) do you like me?

b) i’m confused about how i feel and need reassurance

c) why haven’t you called me back

    d) are you human

The answers are (a) and (b). This question is often times asked from a place of uncertainty, and in extreme cases, when asked more than once, from a place of insecurity. In the case of the latter, it is likely that you are in a “boo thang” situation, and I suggest you remove yourself at once!

5)To “talk” to someone is to:

a) speak

b) call your “boo thang” after hours and on the weekends, with  slices of light conversation

during the interim.

c) be in a nocturnally committed relationship

d) i’m confused by all the above.

Most likely, you’ve got this one correct…the answer is (d). Don’t worry about being confused. In this case, it is a good sign; a sign that you’ve yet to be fully inundated with the lexicon of today’s multicolored stretch pants…

Thank you for participating in the Let Me Holla at You for a Second Pop Quiz. Feel free to leave any comments concerning the content, as well as suggestions for more questions and answers. Until next time…..



7 thoughts on “On the Double Meaning of Words and Why My Generation is Headed for Disaster

  1. i went d, c, a, d. im starting to feel like im a chronic ‘boo-thang’ having person. its not that i wont speak on the phone i just have the habit of rarely ever using it beyond texting cuz everytime i do end up on the phone…its like an hours long call…since i never use the phone and once they get me on im apt to be there for ages speaking about everything (i kinda think it warms up women in ways id never know until….but still id rather do the warming up in person)….even when im cotributing to the long convo i prefer a 20 minute to a 3 hour talk. it then leads me to vow not to use the phone again cuz i’ll be on forever. sortof a wicked cycle.

    hanging out sometime…i dont know what it means when its said. most of the time if a girl wants to hang out with me in particular…im thinking she wants to be ‘closer to my dreams’ which is in a way closer to my bed…thru one way or another.could be to the zoo to the bookstore…to the park…to the market…to the beach….and then to my place. not always but i tend to think like thats the inevitable colliding of atoms approach.nothing wrong with that but also a reason i dont hang out that often.theres a motive lurking in most cases…to some i willingly submit.

    asking about feelings. yea whoever asked usually likes the other person and wants to know if the other person is feeling them too.if u ask,be prepared for the worst.itd be nice if u could just tell but thats not the case in the ‘game’.

    talking…..if ur talking to someone..its probably the mandatory connectivity to establish basic value and commonality before the non speaking portions of relationships take place. usually talking does alot less for people than simple magnetism of attraction. ive heard things in the talking phase that have led me away swiftly without looking back. when people start hanging out and they say we’re talking…i think it means we’re dealing with each other but not super invested yet.just in the getting to know all about u phase. oakland must be a whole other world when it comes to this tho…home of the pimps and panthers

  2. imma have to say that sometimes u do go out during the day with yr “boo thang” the “twerk” is specifically for the late night adventures lol….im still waiting for the follow up to sexual seducation.

  3. Hey hun I hope your well, thanks for reading my blog, I would give you a proper response but I shant be rude and do that on your blog lol.

    Ive been reading through your blog and Im really liking it, I am definately in agreeance to your answers on this quiz and funny enough I was able to come out with the same answers. When were young we tend to be a bit confused within ourselves and when it comes to love. We never seem to really know it then till we get older, when we really like someone we tend to over analyse the simple questions. Just like you said when were asked to hang out it means hang OUT, we would tend to see it as all types of different things and begin to question what it actually means. when the key word is right in that 1st question hang OUT lol


  4. Dear Blog,

    Monotonous behavior be gots feminist views by women, which equally messes it up for good men everywhere. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I used to chase skirt like a hound chases a fox. Nevertheless, I have never referred to the opposite sex “Boo” (e.), just sounds like a noise that leaves my mouth when I am trying to scare my niece at Halloween.

    I have grown and those ideals of “sowing my oats” when a lady has caught my eye left the bossom of my heart, and in-came feelings of wanting a lady that I can go to the movies, or to the park with (a.) So staying in and playing tag with body parts in the dark sounds fun, but yet can get a little redundant; and if there are know feelings behind the boom in the room count me out (a.) Like really if there are no feelings there is know fun, no connection and that is what sex is all about. The creator of Avatar had it nailed with the connection theory. (See it the movie, It’s Dope.)

    To engage in all these wonderful activities like taking walks, or going to the movies, and even slapping skins I would like to engage in conversation, and to me that means talking (a.) I like to see where we stand and where both our heads are at and where they are going, are we feeling the same vibration.

    I just wanted to respond to the blog, because I have read mostly all of your blogs and just wanted to get my thoughts out there. Just to write.

  5. haha! excellent! i was gonna mention the term “talking” as well, which i used to think was kinda like “getting to know each other, almost dating, don’t try to talk to him/her cuz we are already talking”.

    re: 2) When a male/female says, “we should hang out sometime”, this generally means:

    i thought you were being regionally specific, cuz in the bay area, that really can mean

    c) let’s not hang out but pretend like we will at some point

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