What You All Have Been Waiting For (I think)

If I were doing what I usually do at 5:37 a.m., chances are, I’d possibly be dreaming about a car with no brakes, or saving the world one tweet and facebook status update at a time.

But right now, I am awake, windexing my thoughts and dusting off this here blog while facebook and twitter type themselves into popularity contests…

…speaking of which,  I am convinced that there is a high paying job created specifically for people like me who have become adept at talking on the phone whilst, texting, tweeting, and engaging in at least three online conversations.

I mean if Kim Kardashian can acquire wealth by doing whatever it is that she does, then I’m convinced my texting/chatting/tweeting/typing capabilities can  grant me access to this high paying job, or better, into the heavens of forever never land, where normality becomes obscure, the obscene–avant-garde, and trending topics something to be cup-caked with on a lonely and desperate Saturday night.

How exciting.

I think.

…just in case I need a plan B, I decided to spend the last six facebook, myspace, and twitter free hours submitting resumes and cover letters to jobs that will gladly pay me to be an above average primate.

I’m cool with that.

I think.

Trying to figure out which realm of existence suits me best, kind of put me in the mood to write a new post, of which is overdue… and I apologize for keeping you waiting…

…kind of like a cupcake that’s been sitting out for too long…I hope you haven’t dried up on me.

I hope I haven’t become stale.

…so, to show my gratitude, as well as honor all things April and flowered, I’d like to present to you…

*drumrolls and/or beatbox*

i rap

…the official Talia asKlassiq Sampler/mixtape thing. I appreciate those of you who have been patiently, yet anxiously awaiting the release of something tangible from me. But before you get  hyperclickative, please read the following announcement:


I’ve taken the time to go to several paper stores and search for just the right materials to (w)rap this gift….what I’ve come up with is a package that I think may give you goose bumps in reverse, or at best will possibly be traded  in for a season pass to forever never land.

Now that would be quite the compliment.

I think.

If you wish to receive a hard copy (for only $5!), click here for more information on how to do so. Otherwise, you can get to clicking here and download it (for free!) faster than it takes for you scroll through all of your facebook messages…




3 thoughts on “What You All Have Been Waiting For (I think)

  1. As I sit back and nod to the beat of the groovy of BET Centric while washing my clothes. I start to think to myself: I say “Self? I wish I can indulge in to some new sound and wish some music was more assessable to me. Like, you know, for people that don’t partake in PayPal.” HAHAHa. Like I know you can download it for that good price of free, but I would like to contribute to that FLOW project you have going on.

    Just a thought.

  2. Just wanted to say that I heard your “Sampler” and I applaud your sound and your voice. Clap-Clap! Thank You

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