“Throw it in the Bag” (remix)

“Love You Right Here”

“Drop it Like it’s Hot”..

…all titles to popular songs that we’ve nodded our heads to at one point or another. (principals, ministers and librarians are not exempt)…

…however, I never thought what my life would be like if I listened to ONLY these three songs for an entire month. And nothing else.

When Mos Def’s “Blackstar” album came out,  I listened to “Umi Says” for what seemed like two weeks straight and noticed a shift. A physical shift. Like being hugged from the inside out..

….I no longer perceived my co-workers to be scaled down versions of rocks. Instead, they spoke in rose pedals and wore kindness like a name tag. I almost asked them how they did it, I was so impressed.

When I first heard Georgia Anne Muldrow’s* “Because”, I listened to that song for almost an entire month and noticed supreme changes in my ability to be grateful. Even for things that I would much rather change. Like traffic jams, twelve hour work days, slow customer service, too much water in my white mocha, etceteras.

These songs shifted my perspective on life.

Maybe it had something to do with…I don’t know…their u.v. way of inserting slips of inspiration into my brain…a kind of inspiration that doesn’t have to be labored over…

Things and people who usually irritated me, became lessons, gifts, and at most were lifted and placed very far from my last nerve.

This hasn’t happened lately. It could be because there’s nothing but reindeer poop being played on the airwaves. Or maybe it could be that I’ve just been away from principles and practices long enough to forget how powerful and efficient they are.

So…I have a question. If you were to listen to songs that move your spirit, for thirty days what effect do you think they would have on you??

Let’s try…

…here are the instructions. (Printed, and photocopied, this would make a great gift for those who are struggling with obsessive complaining disorders, willpower deficiency syndrome, and hyperactive I can’t glanditis. This might be you.)

1) Create a playlist consisting of at least 30 songs, of which move every part of you. For those who need specifics.. by every part, I mean your mind, body and soul…

2) Any song that moves only your soul, by default moves your mind and body. So add these songs as well.

3) Listen to this playlist for thirty consecutive days. And nothing else.

4) At the end of the thirty days, reflect. You may have noticed a decrease in negative thinking and an increase in your willingness to give away free hugs. Notice the changes. Give thanks.

5) Smile.

6) Rotate your playlist and start all over.

Just in case you’d like some suggestions for your playlist…here’s my offering

Georgia Anne Muldrow

“…I need a better dream to come/want my spirit to arrive  renewed just like the sunrise/life always finds a way to test me/and I’ve got eternity to pass…”

-Georgia Anne Muldrow “Sunset”

Vikter Duplaix

“…/I desire much more/there’s always something wonderful and new/I wish the same for you/one day all of you/will see the same thing I do”

-Vikter Duplaix “Lust for Life”

Josh Mease

“Who’ll pick you up when you put down my friend/who’ll face the cold and fight the icy winds/will you still be around when spring is new again/stand on your own two feet/you’ll always win.”

-Josh Mease “Pick You Up

If none of these songs work for you, I’d like to personally compensate you with one of these free hugs that I just can’t stop giving out.


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