The Party is in the Panties.

Apparently, dumb men are the new plague (if you’re already offended, chances are you’ve got the fever). Now before anyone starts texting and tweeting about how reverse-sexist I’m being, pick up a book…and learn about how reverse sexism is in fact, nothing that has or ever will exist (kind of like reverse racism…)

When you’re finished, I invite you to come back and take a walk with me down the aisle of unadulterated disrespect.

So, about five minutes ago, I was doing some “social networking” and drifted across a friendly post. Some guy who calls himself “KingNoble7” found it in his heart to share with me a video titled “Booty-full Black God-ass-Sis”.

::This is where we collectively sigh::

I used to feel empathetic toward men who reach out to women, Black women in particular, with warped notions of respect. You know, the “peace queen” brothas; the “hey sis” brothas; the “let’s burn incense together during the winter solstice” brothas. The brothas who know how to pronounce “patriarchy” “prison industrial complex” “neo-colonialism” and the rest of those I-went-to-college-and-think-I’m-top-shit terms and phrases in hopes that their correct annunciation will grant them a party pass into my drawers.

First off, there is no party in my panties. That just sounds unhealthy.

Empathy rears its head when I’m reminded of the Black man’s daily fight to function in a society that deems him almost ineligible to exist. And after having gotten to know said brothas, I’ve learned that some, if not most of them have undergone trauma associated with physical abuse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still empathetic. However, I no longer allow empathy to cloak my apathy for fried chicken grease-like behavior disguised as a celery stick.

Know that every time you “hey sis” me, we do not need to exchange contact information to further discuss the civil war in Sudan, or Tiger Woods for that matter. Please, burn incense as a means to lift the residue of the past from your heart. And when you see the moon in full bloom, call and ask my mood how its doing. (trust me, if you do this, you will be invited to more than just a panty party).


7 thoughts on “The Party is in the Panties.

  1. Um. your riting is like a swift blade knife, cuttin ot the unnesscry cheesy strings leftover from bad awakening. a scare tactic for baby Hueys to get back in themselves. a warning, a call, an anthem. a real treat.

    It shud be shard with wider audience. like all ur beautiful riddim lyrics

    Peace, Talia


  2. fried chicken grease-like behavior disguised as a celery stick.

    thats a good one. how about instead of party its like a revival? yea a revival.

    theres a brand of jeans called true religion.
    in some respects the only true religion is the ‘matri’ mony between woman and man. of course thats debatable.

    i’m kinda sorry to say this cuz no woman ive ever met can sit with this thought and understand its value or purpose but…….yes i beleive it. as long as sexual intimacy is a race to ejaculatory orgasm..there will be a war of the sexes. when the love that blooms between woman and man can evolve to where their orgonic (look that up) orgasmic organic energy is held as top priority and channeled toward collective creative works other than sperm+ovum =baby. the perfect matrimony by samael aun weor. sure its not the only way but our norms have degenerated so much where is the best place to begin again. i dont expect for this thought to be mainstreamlined and accepted because if it was itd probably be a trap.

    i’ve written you because of the thoughts that tune in while engaged in communication with you. thats a lovely thing. sure the beauty i recognized in your appearance drew me to your fragrance i.e your essence but it could never hold my attention if it wasnt encouraging and coaxing my expression. i have a hard time with aries on a day to day level cuz its tuff for me to bear with a know-it-all. (not that all aries know it all but most ive met like to have it that way). i do find that chemistry between those two sun signs leo and aries is really dynamic. anyhow i shared my peace. kingnoble7 hmmm i knew a girl that loved his youtube clips, i never got into him cuz his voice threw me off…superficial me.

    on another note why would a woman wanna learn tantra but then not be willing to channel her own natural urges…and then ask me how come we never experience tantra? pet peeve

    u seen the book of eli? denzel is the biggest bad ass ever

    • 1) Why revival?
      2) Book of Eli is great. The end made me want to see it again.
      3) Yes, Aries do know it all. :o)
      4) The only religion is matrimony? I’d need to know more to conisder that an option.
      5) If there were only one religion, I’d call it self.

      • revival-
        • a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness ,
        • a reawakening

        i think it all depends on who is gaining entry but then again its the spirit of the people involved and what the reason is for togetherness. i think its common that ‘people’ think the party is in the panties and thats why they want the ‘jump off’ to jump off, still in hindsight its easy to see that that isnt the peak of the climb. it must deal with the illusive power one thinks they have after being allowed access to someones intimacy. i dont know. i used the word to say that i’d rather view it as a revival than a party. parties are wasteful but fun. a revival ends with true transformation if its authentic.

        religion if taken to mean unification/or bond, which it rarely is, can occur between the two forces of masculine/feminine. the ‘two’ apparent forces which are actually one can be united within self. and/or in an external way.sometimes its between two women. i just proposed that idea as a way to embody god or religion into a practical space. not so much -matrimony- in the societal set-up of marriage. it seems pretty self-evident to say man and woman are god/dess……theres no mystery about it. but yes its deep and theres more to know before really accepting that

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