(Self) Love Lock-Down

So as an African American woman with locs, who burns incense and occasionally eats Tofu, I’m supposed to know everything there is to know about self love, so I’m told. I’m supposed to shower myself with hugs and prayers, affirmations and cast away doubt with spirit fingers right?


I’m actually temporarily challenged in this area. And without getting into the specifics (because I don’t need all-a-yall knowing my personals…and more so I don’t want you to see how unnecessary some of my internal rants can be), I’d like for you to play Dr. and prescribe some antidotes for what I’m officially calling, the self love lock down. (P.s. please spare the hug yourself speeches…hugging yourself is not fun. At all.)

…ten minutes later….

I actually did try hugging myself, just to make sure I wasn’t impulsively refuting an idea.

And it was kind of whack.

However, I did discover that I can give myself some pretty darned good ribcage massages.

I still want your antidotes.



2 thoughts on “(Self) Love Lock-Down

  1. you never got any antidotes?

    devote yourself to the indulgence of the 7 rays. pick a color and be all about it for a day or two. self love antidote #3710

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