Death of Auto-Tune

So, last night, I gave in to cable and decided to watch a bit of the BET Awards. 

It wasn’t going so bad, until I saw what looked like four 12-14 year old girls shaking what they thought was their butt to the tune of Drake and Lil Wayne’s duo “…I just wanna f**k every girl in the world…”.


Are you serious?

Lately, I have had to stop and check myself because too often I find myself dashing out hallway passes to the Lil’ Waynes, whilst deriding artists whom I personally know for being just as trifling. The only difference between the two is a metaphor and platinum plated teeth.

If we don’t hold Lil’ Wayne accountable for his actions, who will? Certainly not his daughter. She’s too busy trying to discover exactly how much junk her trunk can load.  

I needed to do something about this, and fast. Since I didn’t have enough time to call the NAACP, I decided to organize a protest of my own, hoping everyone else in the house would follow suit. I packed up my napkin and left the room.

Ten minutes later, I’m feeling like Huey (from the Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks”). Alone and silently cursing the others who resembled chia pets more so than intelligent thinking human beings. 

My protest was cut short when I heard Janet whisper/talk. At this point I became consumed by everybody else’s pain around Michael Jackson’s death and yes, I started to cry.

But when Jay-Z’s “Death of Auto-tune”video came on, post BET awards, the tears dried and politics presumed.

And this is how it went….

MJ set standards. He introduced choreography the entire world rehearsed after work. He made glitter popular. He wrote songs that my great grandchildren will most likely recite verbatim.

He did not make an entire album in auto-tune. He did not talk about how hood he was. Nor did he talk about how much badussy he had, or was going to get after the club.

Michael Jackson was universally appealing because of his ability to express his individuality. Jerry-curl, white glove, white nose job and all. We still loved him because in the sharing of his life, we gained the inspiration to be confident in our own creative expression.

How many mainstream (hip-hop) artist are in the business of traversing M.J.’s path so as to establish a legacy that’s founded upon the pure genius of spirit?



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