The Universe is like a gigantic desktop printer. It produces an exact replica of whatever is on our monitor or mind. If my ink, or my thoughts are not in alignment with spirit, then I will send a difficult message to the Universe, which in turn produces a difficult outlook, literally. If my ink is aligned and in tune with purpose, the Universe prints me a divine reflection of my thoughts.

I’m aligning my thoughts with the divine spirit within so as to produce a perfect picture.

(What does alignment mean to you?)


2 thoughts on “Alignment

  1. alignment. many things. attunement. execution of action from the realm of inspiration to thought to idea to reality. or somthing like that. in line also has alot to do with timing. timing is so divine……when youre in sync. no one can put u in sync. we just achieve it by being tru to ourselves and not rushing….thats somewhat of how i see alignment

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