Calling All Ladies..especially you DomJones!!

So I’ve finally accepted my fate….

part A) I’m here to make music

part B) I’m here to make music that some people won’t like….

It took a couple of decades to get comfortable with the B part…but I’ve made it and hopefully I can add a few more portions to my plate…

alrighty, so to the announcement:::

I would like to receive music from my ladies out there…send me some tracks (in the words of Dr. Watta “I do not go hyphy…but I’ll be your wifey” which translates to..the likelihood of me recording a hyphy-ish track is pretty slim….unless it’s guaranteed to pay off my student loans)…

I do believe that talent requires compensation…so with that said I’d be more than happy to pay you in bags of top ramen.

I hope this blog yields a slew of responses so I can get on with my life/music and drop something “wet” as they are now saying, into the dry buds of today’s music connoisseurs. Thank you and goodnite!


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