I want some “MO”

So thanks to Adriel for hipping me up to Kanye’s blog, I found something new to add to my “I shall have this very soon” pile.

I want this!!

I want this!!

This is a laptop designed by Joseph Riehl out of Seattle Washington. I spent almost thirty minutes trying to find out where I can buy this and at what price.

No success.This morning, I tried again.

No success.

I sent Joseph an e-mail. Figured that he may take forever to get back to me. Or not even take me seriously and never get back to me. So I went to his personal page, pressed the contact button, and proceeded to hit him on his hip.

My heart sunk, just a little, when he told me it wasn’t for sale, because he hasn’t found anyone to make it. Ideally Dell (I’d prefer Mac) will buy the idea and offer me the first finished product for free solely under the condition that I continue to breathe. I’m game.

My spirits definitely rose when I told him that he was featured on Kanye’s blog. He had no idea. I felt pretty good being the messenger. Do you think his day is going to suck now? Only if he hates or has never heard of Kanye. But judging from his reaction (“Whaaaaaat?!?!?!”), I’m sure he’s taking it well.


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