Electric Slide on Election Night

:::12:03 am/Election night:::

So everyone is all excited and shit. Dancing and Kumbaya-ing. I can dig it.

But honestly, my shovel hasn’t really gone that far.

When people ask “Aren’t you excited?” Or “How do you feel?” I either say ‘Yes’, or respond with something that I think they’d like to hear. So here I am hugging, and smiling, and doing the electric slide in the middle of the street with folks I don’t know, not exactly sure if it’s for the same reasons as everyone else.

::11:56 am/Post election night:

I still can’t articulate how I feel. When I cast my vote and walked home, gratitude and a sense of accomplishment trailed me. I knew we’ve already won.

So the results are in, and my mind is already somewhere else.

It is with my grandparents (both sets) who are alive and well, and deserve to see this day more than anyone I personally know. It is with the four and twelve year olds who couldn’t vote but are now able to see themselves mirrored as president. It is with my children, who when they arrive will read a new chapter in history.

It is especially with the stare I received from a white man. A stare that no longer made me feel connected to a stereotype, but to a reality.

:::12:04 pm/Post election night:::

I’ve been reading blogs all morning, and have been compelled to respond. I really hope I’m not introducing my honesty too soon, but this whole talk about us having transcended racism is really rubbing me in awkward places. I mean, a couple of people cast a vote and all of sudden we can hold hands and dance spasmodically in the streets?

Based on what I’ve read thus far, I’m being led to believe that because we a have a Black man as President, that race relations have dramatically shifted overnight, making it now okay for

1)Black people to call in sick (knowing they ain’t sick) and expect to get paid for the day.

2)White men to ask for my phone number and throw in an occasional “ay bay bay”.

3)Interracial couples to stare at me as though I should thank them for having hopped over racial hurdles that I had nothing to do with.

So a Black man becomes president and overnight, we’ve magically become post racial fairies?

Are we celebrating the evolution beyond racism, or is the electric slide pacifying us from the thought that it still lurks?


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