The Hottest Ice Cube

Hey people. Thanks to a great aunt of mine, I have just been informed that Ice Cube has a video out shedding light upon issues that we all are becoming too familiar with: homicide and war, or should I say homicide as war. There have been too many times when I have daydreamed about the happenings of a friend from high school only to be told days later that he’s been shot and killed. I didn’t fully realize how much I haven’t grieved the losses of these friends until I found myself fighting back tears while watching Cube’s video. Take a look. Feedback is necessary!!


One thought on “The Hottest Ice Cube

  1. oh yea o sheas the truth. he has all his lyrics in order and his messages clear. cats with no honor, wearing personas….or assuming personas with no honor. thats like ‘the straw man’, a corporation with the name of a man but not accountable for their actions as a real ‘man’ would be.Ice Cube deserves the O.G

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