Bloated Biases

This whole talk about 17 year old Bristol Palin being pregnant is at the least, irritating and irresponsible chatter.

And I intend to carry it on.

Fact: Bristol Palin is 17

Fact: Bristol Palin is pregnant and unmarried

Fact: Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

Fact: If Bristol Palin were a man, this blog nor any of the press circulating Bristol’s pregnancy would be of little use to public gossip/conversation.

How come we never hear people fussing about unwed men getting women pregnant on the six o’clock news, or in the yahoo headlines? What pressures are applied to the man when he impregnates a woman? When Solange announced that she was pregnant, why were so many folks relieved to find out that she was marrying the father?

I know religion has much to do with this debate, but if this nation were as holy as it vows to be then we wouldn’t be one of the leading countries in divorce. So, let’s be mature and fair citizens in holding others accountable to stale religious beliefs. Beliefs that even die-hard churchgoers themselves push to the back of pantry cabinets.

Contrary to what most people think, pregnancy can be a burden. And given the fact that the choice of birthing the baby always falls upon the woman, it seems like the public could be just a little more considerate in their dispersion of opinions. Why is there so much attention directed to the daughter when if she were a man, this would not even be a matter of national concern? Sarah Palin would have not have even announced the journey of her son’s sperm. Therefore he would not be held accountable for his actions nor pressured to make any life-changing decisions as is the

17 year old


daughter of the Vice Presidential Candidate

Bristol Palin.


One thought on “Bloated Biases

  1. The fact that Palin has a daughter about to have a child is a media side dish to scatter focus concerning the real matters at hand. If there are real matters. The pitting of a left vs right is very deceptive, especially when one can oversee the apparent division for what it actually is. I think the concern about a pregnant daughter is about image and the values it projects to a drone population. Yet, there’s little wholesome about american apple pie, so who are they kidding? If anything it draws more sympathy or empathy for Palin and her role as an average, regular working mother in America that lots of women relate to. I’m not in the stream of political consciousness due to exposure to various sources of info yet I think the principle youre touching on regarding gender bias is important to address. just my 3 cents

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